More Reasons, More Options

We have full access to a variety of lending options for residential and commercial clients. 

Residential Lending 


  • Residential: Condo, Single dwelling, and Duplex in Vancouver 
  • Construction: Experienced builders, First time builders
  • Refinancing (2nd Mortgage): Pay off debts, taxes, Start a business, Pay for tuition or, Simply just need a little extra cash flow
  • Renovation: Help you update your property
  • Renewal: Provide you the program that meets your needs for next term
  • Bridge Loans: Finance the purchase of a new property if you still have not sold your current property with current mortgage rates

Commercial Lending 

From retail and mix use through full-scale commercial ventures, we offer a great range of lending options including: 

You Too!


Our resources allow us to serve a wider range of clients than a typical bank in Vancouver. 

 Here are few examples of the clientele we deal with:

  • First Time homebuyers
  • Resident of Canada
  • Non-Resident
  • New to Canada
  • Self-Employed
  • Professional graduates - Doctors, Lawyers, Dentist, engineers
  • Bankruptcy
  • Investors (Rental property)
  • Construction (experienced builders, or First time builder)

24 Hour Pre-Qualification


Discover your affordability and buying power in 24 hours in Vancouver (click the icon above)

Referral Incentive Program


The referral program is how we show appreciation for referring your friends and family that live in Vancouver to us (click the icon above)

More Than Just Your Local Bank

We have access to many financial institutes and rates.

  • BANK You know them all. We have access to almost all their products as well under one roof.

  • CREDIT UNION Unlike a bank, a credit union is non-profit and member-owned. This means that because they are not taking a piece of the pie to line their pockets, there are many benefits of working with them.

  • TRUST COMPANY They have more flexibility when it comes to what they can do to assist in funding a mortgage. A trust company is a corporation that takes care of the administration of trusts and estates as a trustee.

  • PRIVATE LENDERS Usually come from private investors or private lending companies who are willing to loan home buyers money to purchase a specific property


One Stop Shop


​​The market place has a wide range of options, many that you may never learn about without an educated and dedicated mortgage broker in Vancouver. 

We have access to many different lenders, many of  which may provide you with better terms, conditions, current mortgage rates and long-term savings in most areas of British Columbia.

Plus, I work for you, not a financial institution, which means that I will negotiate every aspect of your mortgage with lenders and get you the best mortgage possible